2016 NFL Playoff Bracket

This week is the final week of the NFL Season. Teams looking to push for the playoffs have their last chance for making it. Then, the 2016 nfl playoff bracket will start. Even though the postseason spaces have already been closed down, there are two spots left. For example, in the AFC, the lone remaining is a wild card. On another hand, there is the NFC which the finale will be between the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons.

People all over the world have started predicting the final playoff field. However, it is impossible to know at the moment. People are rooting for the Patriots but there is no actual way of knowing it. NFL Football is so much of a huge event that it is actually really difficult to know and predict what will happen in the end.

However, there are analysts who dedicate themselves to the study of football predicting and statistics. If you are into predictions, then we recommend you to check out some of this network analysts work and learn more about football stats and learn more about great players and their chances to excel at the NFL.